Welcome to the land of Leo

Leo is the kingdom of life, wealth and peace.

It is the land that is looked upon by others as the perfect example of what the gods expect of human beings while on earth. It’s the setting for the Currents series.

Every day we warm ourselves by fire

Wash ourselves in water

Feel the wind in our hair

Walk upon the earth

The first book in the series is titled “FIRE,” and it begins with the King’s desire for a legacy. His wife bears him a son whom he names Ustawi meaning “Legacy.”


Fire is available on Amazon; both Kindle and Paperback copies are available here.

Here’s what readers think of it:

At this age and time I didn’t know authenticity from our writers could still be expected but ‘Fire’ is a complete reminiscence of what pure art in literature ought to be/used to be.

Read the complete review here

Another reader had this to say:

My take on this: Buy it and read it and here’s why:
1. She uses Kiswahili, which gives the story a strong East African setting, and if you love the African culture and customs then you would be introduced to a kingdom where words are as rich in proverbs as our great ancestors talk were.
2. The plot and twist towards the end. It’s a subtle twist that’s enacted by Ukweli and it casts a shadow on his role as the protagonist in this story.
3. There is the kingdom informer known as Ulioko, who comes across as a very sneaky and power hungry man- and in reading Fire, you cannot help but ask where his loyalties lie.

Check it out here

Fire is the first book in the four part series and it welcomes you to the land of Leo. There is a blend of African folklore and use of Swahili names, and in it’s own way, ushers you into a world where anything is possible with the birth of an heir.

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