Dear Cute Guy at the Bookshop

So, this is awkward but indulge me for a while, will you?
You walked into BooksFirst today at 11:08am. I checked the time because I have never seen a cute guy walk into BooksFirst. I am a regular there, so that’s why.
You can ask Bob, William, Steven or Caleb. They are the ones in blue shirts who help you get that book you need.
You walked in like a thief does when in a mansion. You were wearing a blue polo shirt ( I hate those stiff collars, I never liked polo shirts) and black fitting jeans. I was looking at The Last Legion by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. You know, we share the same birthday, it’s just that Valerio is older, Italian and has written more books than I have. Remember? It looked something like this: ach You looked around starting from the “How-To” section through to the classics. Your thumb caressed each book, making a few stops at the Mills & Boon section to admire the covers, and the Historical Fiction section where you pulled out a few books. I read the back cover text of The Last Legion five times. I would stop to stare at you wondering when you would get to the Classics, but to my disappointment you turned at the Sci-fi section and headed straight for the ‘New Releases.’ I looked up and met your eyes. You smiled and I smirked. I will admit it was a stupid thing to do, but my facial muscles were suffering from the disappointment of your movement. You called Caleb and asked him, “Excuse me, do you have a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey?” I saw Caleb look around, but his first gaze was at Sci-fi and that’s when I interrupted.
I walked up to you and my bag hit you on your left hip, and you almost tipped over. It was not my intention to distabilize you.
I am sorry, but why would you walk into a Bookshop and seriously ask for a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey?
So, I picked it up from the shelf and gave it to you. You smiled and asked, “You sure know the books here, so, have you read this book? Is it good?”
I wanted to ask you, “define good?”, but could not say a word because then you would feel foolish. I just met you and making you seem foolish would not be an ideal move.
I said I had and you smiled and asked, “would you recommend it?”
I whispered, “Not in a million years.” You must have heard me because your right hand, (where that tatoo of an eagle is, or is it a hawk) dropped the book. It landed on the floor.
You picked it up and asked, “why? Everyone is talking about it?”
“Well, just because everyone is talking about it does not mean it’s a good book. You know just like there was so much hype about Twilight, but there was nothing there.”
“You also don’t like Twilight? What do you like?”
“A list of great stuff, but listen, if you want to read it, well, go ahead, but you could start by watching the movie first, at least that would get you thinking about the trilogy.”
“It’s a trilogy?”
“Yes, there’s Fifty shades Darker and Fifty shades Freed.”
“You have read all of them?”
“Yes, and my inner goddess wanted to aim a quiver of arrows at the fact that the book exists!”
You laughed and walked out without the book.
You only told me, “thanks, maybe I’ll run into you again.”
I said, “maybe.” But, here’s the thing you cute guy, I think you went ahead and bought the book. I think you went back to the shelves and got that book, even though Caleb is murm about it.
It is 1:48pm and a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is missing from the shelves…I know because I am looking at that blank space and wondering just how much you pursue your interests.

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