You know KCSE results are great when…

You see this:



Yes, I am going against my blogging rule and posting twice today.
The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exams (KCSE) results were announced today and students from Kisumu Girls and Kisumu Day took to the streets to celebrate their epic performance.

O, the days!

I did this too, you know, back when I was in high school? We would run around singing and telling the world that we were the giants, and our mean score was proof of it. We looked forward to this day because:
1. It was a chance to get out of school
2. There were no classes
3. Teachers were in a good mood, so no bad deed was punished.
4. It was a confidence boost, because we would also ask ourselves if the other students would celebrate our performance too.

These national exams put so much pressure on pupils and schools because the hallmark of a school is it’s performance in these exams. Students seek out national schools because of great grades that allow them to join the university. I can remember always being told two things: ‘work hard,’ and ‘education is the key to success.’

I took these pictures today and felt a sense of pride because some candidates had passed exams. But even as I clicked away, I couldn’t help but wonder what if our definition of success over these years in Kenya has seen us lose out on other talents that we need most.

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