A year older and definitely still wandering

I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow with women around the world.

It’s International Women’s Day.

I was looking forward to maybe eating out with my mom, nephew, cousin and one best friend. You know, a quiet meal as I think of how old I am. Well, trust my sister to pull a fast one on me. She got me a few of my favorite things coffee, a book, a sweet card. It was a shocker.


So after signing for my parcel and looking at it, I got over my shock, and had to say:


It has been years since I got a birthday gift, because most of the times my birthday has often found me working in rural communities with children and women. I had gotten used to the messages on my Facebook wall, or Twitter messages wishing me a lovely day.
I am home this time and it seems as though my family is keen on making this a big deal.

I like this.
I like growing old because in a way, it makes me realize just how many mistakes I have made and how many promises I have not fulfilled. The greatest achievement for me has to be seeing my story #Fire in print.
It has been the greatest lesson in writing and I am proud of having seen it through.

However, I do have other dreams that are yet to be realized and as I celebrate my birthday, this is the resounding factor in my life.
I have to do two three things:
1. Get a teen organization efficiently running.
2. Work on the paper project ( I will tell you all about this, some day)
3. Complete the #Currents series.

So, here’s a happy birthday to me and Happy International Women’s Day tomorrow.

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