Jared was known for two things: he was rich and he had a beautiful wife who never said a word.
Rumor had it that she was called Cecilia or was it Sheila? She had a beautiful smile and a scent that lingered on your skin long after you had kissed her soft dark cheeks.
It was also rumored that she stayed at home. Some people said that she had a salon somewhere in town and catered to some of the wealthy women in Nairobi. No, she owns an Interior design company, the one along Mombasa road. No, she is a Kindergarten teacher. No, you people are wrong, she is an accountant. She knows her sums and divisions better than any housewife, besides with a rich husband like Jared, why would it matter if she worked?

Jared lived for two things: being adored and being in control. He had no time for surprises or arguments, and so his words cut those who knew nothing about him or his desires.
He loved his wife most because she knew how to ease out of any picture. They attended events that celebrated his work and she supported him without missing a word or a smile. He introduced her to people and she would step back and let him shine as if she knew exactly what he expected of him. It was her ability to be but not be that he loved most about her.

One night, one their way home from one of the parties thrown by the new Governor, she asked him to pull over. Her voice was small, like a child’s, or was it like a scared child’s? He could not tell. He was not sure.
He pulled over.

She stepped out and said, "Goodbye honey." And she took off her heels and ran into traffic in time for the incoming truck.

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