Sleeping at Midnight, waking up at 7am.

I am done with Indian Drama!

Wait, don’t get me wrong, it’s just there’s this channel called Zee World that airs the best of Bollywood and it is the reason why I sleep at midnight or sometimes at 1am.

I get bored with series or drama as fast as I can blink my eyes. It’s because of this that I have never watched Vampire Diaries or The Originals or completed season one of  DaVinci’s demons and a list of many more series. I just can’t keep up with it all. So, this new change in my sleep pattern has me rewriting this new book I am working on, and it’s like the characters are strangers to me every morning. It seems as though past midnight my mind is alive with possibilities that seem foolish to me at dawn.
I have done this for the past seven days.

I am beginning to think about it, but nothing makes sense anymore.
So, I have decided to work on this, and make use of my time to write as much as I can and then rewrite once the story is done. I cannot do and undo at the same time. It is frustrating me.

However, I cannot stop watching the Indian movies where it seems that all actors have to sing and dance. I think they’d have no challenge being on Broadway. Since I had all this time to think about my fascination with Zee World, I noticed that there’s always fire, or a red color or just a reference to a temple in all the shows. When I looked it up, I found out that fire and the color red is symbolic to Indians, and that was enough to get me back to writing.

It is the same with most African cultures, an element of nature is considered symbolic. Before civilization, some communities worshipped the sun and they could tell time by looking at the position of the sun or the water level while out at sea or on the lakes.

So, am I really done with indian drama? No, I am going to just limit how much of it I watch since I need my sleep, and now that I know about the movies, all the dancing and references, I think I’ll be just fine…well, let’s wait till tomorrow:-)

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