Seven of my favorite African Proverbs

African languages are rich in proverbs, metaphors, and similes. I grew up reading works by famous African writers like Chinua Achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi, Grace Ogot, Asenath Bole Odaga, and Majorie Oludhe.

So, today I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share seven of my favorite African proverbs:

  1. Milk and honey have different colors, but they share the same house peacefully.
  2. He who refuses to obey, cannot command. Kenyan proverb.
  3. A large chair does not make a King. Sudanese proverb
  4. Do not let what you cannot do tear your hands from what you can. Ashanti proverb.
  5. The surface of water is beautiful, but it is no good to sleep on. Ghanian Proverb.
  6. The wise create proverbs for fools to learn, not to repeat.
  7. War has no eyes. Swahili saying.

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