Let it go.

What do you do when you cannot seem to find the words to complete or advance the story?

We never have all the answers. If we did, there would be less crime, and no terminal illnesses.
I mean, if we had all the answers, then what would be the need for questions?

A friend told me, "In life, it’s the not knowing, that hurts."
I could have agreed with her at that moment, but when it came down to me, it seemed as though not knowing works best for me.

I have often heard people refer to it as the ‘writer’s block’, you know that phase where you cannot get anything down, and it’s frustrating especially if you have a deadline.
I stayed up till one, thinking of what next while writing and it made me restless that I could only come up with dialogues and not just detailed descriptions.

So, what do you do?
I had coffee, read a book ( Involved by Kate O’Riordan), watched the complete second season of Once upon a time, made lists of what I like versus what I hate and finally drifted off to sleep.
But, when I woke up, I realized that I have never been one to take pressure lightly. I worry a lot, and if anyone shouts at me, I recoil and stare blankly at them while struggling to block their voice. So, what was I doing wrong?

And this is my question, does it mean that I am doing something wrong when the words do not come to mind?

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