Three of my favorite fictional bad guys.

I am attracted to bad boys. Not real life kind of bad boys, but fictional bad boys. See, someone else creates them and I find myself so taken by them that they do seem to come to life.
What does that say about me? I wonder. So, I sat down and thought about my three favorite bad boys, and indulge me for a while, please.
So, the first one is a dealer. You want something, he wants something and so you make a deal, sign on the fine line and then await your doom. He’s known by the famous phrase, “let’s play a game, guess my name.” They call him Rumpelstiltskin.
The next one is a god. Yes, he’s the god of mischief- but don’t get me wrong, he has his moments too, and I am not much of a comics fan, but when I started reading about Loki and Asgard, I realized that his story is not well developed or known as that of his other brother, Thor.


The last one, well…he is brilliant. He is what I wanted to be until I realized that there was medicine involved. He listens but when you cross his path, he has you for dinner, and did I mention that he is a good cook? Pity, I am into vegetables. Hannibal Lecter is what they call him.


I could possibly come up with a longer list, but that requires more time for reflection which I believe starts now. ⌛

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