How to stop blogging

I have started more blogs than I can maintain and I have the secret to how easy it is to stop blogging, but indulge me first.

Blogging takes time and focus and of course access to internet and a good connection too. There are thousands of articles on how to blog, how to keep your blog running, what to blog about, and very little on rules of grammar and adherence to these rules while blogging.

So, you have a blog and you have written some posts and received no likes or comments, or maybe so many likes and comments and follows, and you love it, but, what if you could forget it all? Get back to your life, get some work done and stop blogging.
You can wake up and get to work, hang out with your friends, have dinner with family, walk around the house- watch a soap opera or reality TV show, anything but blog! Would you take it?

Would you at least think about it?

I have told you about my numerous non-functional blogs, so, how can you stop blogging?

You can stop blogging by not sharing anything you have written. You can write or think of as many things as you can, but simply don’t post it. That’s it.

And if you think, (that does not make sense) I have a question for you, have you ever written a draft or had something to blog about, but you simply said, “I will blog it later, or tomorrow”?

It is easy to be inconsistent.
It is however harder to be consistent, to maintain a schedule, to always have something to share with the world because this depends on how much zest for life you have. When people read your blog, they keep track of your insights and are either entertained or influenced by them, and this is hard to keep up with.

So, after a long day in which I kept postponing posting this, I decided I do not want to stop blogging. My blog is not famous, and it does not attract what techies call ‘traffic’ but I am making a promise to myself to grow day by day.
I have since deleted some of my non-functional blogs and cleared space for anyone looking forward to starting a blog.

So, if you want to stop blogging, don’t fret, it’s easier than starting one, just don’t post anything.

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