Words, words, words

I do not detest the writing process, far from it, I find it challenging because every story comes with it’s request for revision.

But alas! It is the revision that drains me.

Having finished writing #Water, I felt the need to have it edited by an outside party, and let’s just say that an editor is the only person who can take out words like someone who is chopping down a tree.

He slashed my story from 40,000 words to 35,000 words, and said it was good for publication, but I am still mourning the loss of my 5,000 words.
And to do so, I went and bought two of my favorite evils: Ice cream and apples.


I will eat up and sit down to read the edited version of my story before sending another copy to be edited, because I have realized that there is a chapter that I need to add, and that means more writing time.


Having an outline has helped me restructure my writing because it acts as a reminder like a to-do list. This is the one form of discipline that I have taken for granted and with time, I am learning that when it comes to telling a story, nothing is cast in stone.

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