Water, Book two in the Currents Series.

I have finished writing and editing Water. This book took most of my time and I had to revise it so many times that I almost gave up on it- but now that it’s done, all I can do is sit back and let people read it.

It begins:

A tree does not know when it will fall.  It lives to spare the one who wields the axe from the sun, rain and wind, yet he wakes up one day and swings his axe to cut short the life of the same tree that protected him.
To say that the people of Leo saw it coming would be to call a bat by its eyes.
To say that the same people hoped it would not happen is to point at a cow’s teats and declare it the source of life.
And so it was that the gods chose to strike Leo at dawn. They reached out and plucked the one charm that the two brothers looked upon. The cattle horn was heard thrice followed by five drumbeats and then one last horn.

The High Queen of Leo was dead.

You can read the first chapter for free on this preview page.

To buy the ebook, (the cover looks something like this)

water you can click here and read it.

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