Thomas Jefferson on The Dangers of Reading Fiction

I love free books.

Yes, and since I stopped visiting the library, I decided that I would download the kindle app and subscribe to Freebooksy.

They email me links to deals of the day on Amazon and I get to read some great books either for free or at half the price- and is it not odd how most of the free books on amazon are romance?

So, there I was reading a story about some Sheikh and this girl who had left her husband at the altar for cheating on her when my mom walked into the living room with a new book on the Works of Thomas Jefferson.

I reached out for it and there it was “The Dangers of reading Fiction.”

A great obstacle to good education is the inordinate passion prevalent for novels and the time lost in that reading which should be instructively employed.

Nothing can engage attention unless dressed in all the figments of fancy and nothing so bedecked comes amiss.

I put down my device as I went through it and thought, “what a buzzkill!”

But, later on when I thought about it- I wondered, “If this man, Thomas Jefferson, were alive today, what would he say about reality tv shows?”

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