SautiSol is one of my favorite bands.
They teamed up with Amos and Josh to produce this beautiful song called Nerea, and it has caused some controversy, and let’s face it, in a society where people have forgotten how to speak up, the truth is frowned upon before it is welcomed.


Here’s my take on it: The song is a man’s call to a woman named Nerea, pleading with her not to abort their unborn child.

So, why are tongues wagging?

Six beautiful men (yes, I find them beautiful, and we can agree that beauty lies in the eyes of this beholder), sing about abortion.
Abortion, and the decision to do it or not is believed to be a woman’s thing, but I beg to differ.

My reasons are both subjective and objective.
It takes both the man and woman to conceive a baby.
And secondly, I have three friends who are raising their children on their own after their boyfriends bailed out on them, and all three were on the brink of aborting their babies because the men they thought they loved wanted them to do it, but they didn’t because someone convinced them otherwise.
Nerea is a beautiful song because reproductive health is not just a woman’so concern but also a man’s concern. Kenya has had so much focus on contraceptives, maternal health and prevention of STIs and AIDS, but not so much on health pregnancy and counseling especially for women who find themselves seriously looking forward to abortion to retain their lovers.

And what I love most about this song is how simple it is: the man is pleading for he knows that though the pregnancy is unexpected, the child is a gift that is full of life and could grow to be an influential person in the society. However, this is also not the case for some women because I understand that in some health cases like serious ectopic pregnancy and even rape, women find themselves undergoing abortion.

But, this song is not about whether you are pro or anti abortion, it is about a man’s concern and it is where most women go wrong. For a long time, and I heard this on radio when a presenter said, “it’s a woman’s thing” and this should change and SautiSol have launched this video at a crucial time.

This is a call for inclusion, and it means that whether it is the husband or lover, they too need to understand abortion and not just their desire for a way out, and the way I see it, there is nothing wrong with one man pleading with his love to keep their baby and that he would help her through her pregnancy no matter how tough times are.

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