A friend, a football match, café and a newspaper.

My friend is in town and I cannot stop talking about his presence because there’s always so much we can do that involves coffee and a good time.

So, we met at Java yesterday, and he bought a copy of my book, and asked me what I was working on and how it was going on. I tend to leave this to the comfort of ‘tomorrow’ so much so that it took me weeks to map my new domain. Yes, now I am on http://www.nilichoandika.co.ke and it is my next move in going into full time writing, and marketing the ‘Currents’ series that I am writing.

I opted for a mocha, while he wanted his iced, and I had a raisin cake with it.
On our way home we took a picture of a part of the town:


And we proceeded to the bus stop where I bought green wellies to wear to work due to the heavy rains that make most of the schools I visit inaccessible.

But, the crux of the day, or shall I say, the highlight of our time out was when he convinced me to accompany him to a football match. Yes, I would stick around for ninety minutes.
I was hesitant because the team that was playing is known to have some radical if not a few rogue fans who do not hesitate to cause a riot  if they either lose or win! I did not want to be in the middle of a stone throwing battle field.
I know King David, in the Bible, was famous for his sling shot, but have you ever been in a field where stones are airborne?

I rest my case.

So, we met today at 2pm at a mall and my first question was, ‘Did you get the tickets?’
I was dressed in black except for my ankle boots which were brown. So, he laughs and his friend takes a sip of water from his bottle and gives me the ‘don’t ask’ look!

There were chaos outside the stadium, and all they heard were four gun shots into the air, and they thought, “Dora, would not be here!”
So, we got into a tuk tuk and went to Java for some fresh juice:


And you see the guy holding a paper, well, he was not so pleased about the chaos, but he does have the capacity to persuade a person to become a fan of Arsenal.
Where did that newspaper come from?
I don’t know but I would be lying if I said that I did not ask myself the same question, but the only answer I came up with was – half time.

My friend took this and many other cool shots as we drank our juice. On our way out, I bought a copy of Couture Magazine.


It has been a great weekend.
I have had so much coffee, walked a lot, worn my boots, and got my proof copy of Water, but the greatest highlight of my week is the ability to laugh and appreciate life and friendship.
We missed out on a game, but we still hang out and had a great laugh.
I mean, where do you get two guys who ask you to name some Arsenal players?
PS: If any one asks you, (and you have no clue) remember; SOG – Sanchez, Ozil, and Giroud. It’s Ozil has big teddy bear eyes, and Giroud has great hair while Sanchez is Ozil’s friend!

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