Making my way to Sauset.

Today was a good day.
I had the best workout, so much so, that I have become aware of muscles that I didn’t know exist somewhere between my thighs and ankles.

I alighted at Koru hoping to visit Sauset.
It costs one hundred shillings on a motorbike to get to the school from Koru, but today when I mentioned the name “Sauset” the men shouted, ‘hapana!’

It had rained heavily and they could not get there.
So, one offered to take me halfway and show me a shortcut to the school.
The route involved walking through a sugarcane plantation, a couple of homes, jumping through puddles of water, walking straight through a maize farm and finally arriving at the school!



On my way back, I was accompanied by Josephine a kindergarten teacher who had no trouble breathing as she leaped over puddles of water and climbing steep hills. But, a few meters behind us was a young girl, who walks for an hour to get to school because it is the only public school around where the fees are affordable to her grandmother.
Josephine told me that there are other pupils who live beyond the hills around the school and they are never late.
We walked on until we came to her home and she bid me goodbye.
I walked with the girl and left her at the nearest turn as I made my way to Koru.

And just when I thought, I had had enough of a workout, a tout in an approaching matatu shouted back at a friend telling him that he is compact as a matchbox!
I thought about this on my trip back home pausing to smile or giggle as I looked out the window pretending that there was no pain in my feet!

2 thoughts on “Making my way to Sauset.

  1. That must have been some workout! You even got gumboots to go?
    I’ve never been past Koru, but maybe I should visit the place.


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