I know a lot of things about money, people and most of all the desire to get home.

I also know something about her. She always boards the bus at 7am to town. She would settle for a seat next to any window as long as it is on the driver’s side.

Every time I see her, she is always calm, like she knows that she will definitely get to her destination.

She is like the sun.

She lifts up my spirits at 7am and sends them packing at 5pm.

I have never talked to her but I have touched her soft fingers.

I also know she smells like clean soft white sheets because I get a whiff of her perfume when she passes by me as she alights.

Sometimes, I see her from afar, but that’s just it…she is a hardworking and independent woman while if you haven’t guessed it by now, I am a tout.



The full story will be out soon.

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