Why I decided to follow 4 of Robin Sharma’s New Rules

Have you ever felt like you have had enough?
You have been postponing a project for years and then suddenly you find yourself seated on your bed at 2am wondering why you can’t hear any sounds and your mind keeps on going about your pending project?
It happened to me, thrice!

The only time I had such an experience was while listening to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” song and I had to find ways of getting it out of my head, which included reading an endless list of plays by Shakespeare!

So, I decided to give this project a shot and I picked three out of twenty  of Robin Sharma’s New Rules of work:
1. If you are not up early, you are sleeping too late.
2. Commit to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of your craft.
3. Get fit so you can serve more people.
4. Don’t wait to get inspired to start your dream, start by our dream to grow inspired.

I stopped watching Indian Soap Operas and documentaries that air at night, and this has made it easy for me to get to bed by 9pm.I have woken up by 6am twice, but stayed in long after that so, I have to work on that.

I started doing squats and planks to keep fit, plus I walk for hours while out in the field, so what remains to be done is looking into what I consume and that means cutting down on coffee, cake, and chips, which is a battle I am dreading.

As for becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of my craft, well, how about that? I still don’t have a clue as to how to go about it, and that means I need to reflect on exactly what I consider as being the undisputed heavyweight champion of my craft. Is it more sales, giving talks, being interviewed a lot, or more written and published works, or is it just a feeling?
I will think it through and see where it leads.

4 thoughts on “Why I decided to follow 4 of Robin Sharma’s New Rules

  1. There is a difference of being fit and thinking your fit? Thats one lesson I have learnt this past few weeks.Fitness is not easily achievable, it takes a lot of time,effort and motivation. I know you will definitely struggle cutting out the sweet stuff-you’re a major fan of sweet stuff.


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