She said, He said.

She said, “He is not good enough for you,” as she applied that red lipstick that she got from me. Signature or Charm Max? I cannot remember. She looked better with red lips.

She pulled out a soft tissue from her black purse and pressed her lips slightly on it, then applied gloss.

I did not know if it was a rating or a competition. Is he supposed to be good enough or right? Is he supposed to be handsome or perfect?

Is he supposed to be rated by her or by me and my family?

I thought about her and wondered how easy it was for her to push him out of my mind. We walked back to the restaurant together and there he was, waiting. She looked at him and smiled. He pulled out my chair and let me sit before continuing with a conversation, as though she was the ghost hovering above our heads.

He said, “I hope she has told you great stuff about me.”

She said, “You wish!” and then she got up, picked her purse and walked away.

He went after her.

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