The quest for a perfect ending for a story.

Every beginning must have an ending.

It might be the perfect ending to one reader and the worst to another, but how do you create a balance? How do you end the story the way its supposed to end without causing a readership uproar?

If you think this is hard for one book, try a series.

I am learning this the hard way as I write the “Current Series.” It has four books: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.
Each book follows the life of a young prince named Ustawi as he rises to power in a kingdom faced by numerous challenges.
The first two books are out, and I am writing the third book, but readers are already asking about what will happen.
They are already rooting for their favorite characters and I find myself giving people a blank look or going mute. It’s because I know what the story line is and who will survive and who might not, but it does not stop me from asking, “can the perfect ending be achieved?”

So, how do you end the story and with access to sites where your book can be reviewed and discussed, does this affect your relationship with the story as you write it?
I asked a friend who loves reading stories on Wattpad about it and she said that the writers engage with readers there and she believes it affects the ending.

At the moment, I am writing Wind as per the story line and a huge part of me believes that the story will end when it does and how it should, a few characters might surprise me by taking a different path as I write, but it will somehow be for the best.

I also understand the feeling of disappointment that comes with an unexpected ending like what happened to me as I read the Harry Potter series and the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare . I never saw Harry ending up with Ginny!

I can go about this as many ways as I can, but can the perfect ending be achieved? For the sake of the story, the reader and the writer?

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