A Chef, a story, and a whole lot of time!

Some books call out to you, like a slice of chocolate cake!
I never intended to buy this book. In fact, I swore every time I saw it on the shelf at BooksFirst in Nakumatt.

A season of Hell’s  Kitchen made me hate this guy so much that my head would explode with the possibilities of throwing stuff at him every time he yelled at a chef! See, I know the kitchen is the most dangerous place in the house (nowadays bathrooms are too, but still a kitchen is where fire does magic to food and that set of sharp knives exists!)
So, I kept walking past this book for six months.

But, you know what they say about curiosity… It killed this cat, and now she’s fessing up!
So, I bought it and once I started reading it even the nasty cold I have could not stop me from reading more about how he came to be Chef and how hard he worked to get to where he is. Previously, I saw him as a meanie, and an adult who throws some major tantrums, but even so, I’d have to say that being a Chef requires balls of steel. I am not saying that I like him now. No, I have a new found respect for his hard work and determination that’s it! I know being a Chef is not as easy as baking pie, because my younger sister is learning how to and she tried to teach me a few things and I failed! Who sets a timer while cooking? (That’s what I said) She looked at me and said, “I do, all chefs do because you do not prepare one dish but even ten at a time.”

The style of writing is much like the man, he says both the good and bad things he did while finding his way. I am not so keen on saying if this was good or great, because it’s his autobiography. It’s not easy for me to give a star rating or applaud an autobiography because it is someone’s true life journey, but what is real with this book is that reading it is like talking to the man, expletives and all!

There’s a lot to a person, and I am fidgeting in my seat as I read “Humble Pie”, because it is revealing a side to hulk , Gordon, that I assumed was never there.

I will get my sister her own copy, so she can know just how much heat she’ll have to take to become a Master Chef.


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