Take your readers to work day!

I work as a Research Assistant, on a project that focuses on School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. I visit primary schools in Kisumu County during school days to assess the standards of hygiene and my day involves:

Waking up
Getting a matatu
Getting a motorbike or walking for miles
Getting to a school
Talking to the administration an health teachers and students
Getting on another motorbike or walking to another public primary school.
Then when all is done, returning home or to the office to share my report.




Perks: No sunscreen, lots of exercise, getting to negotiate a lot with people especially on the cost of my fare, meeting lots of school children, seeing lots of clouds, meeting different kinds of headteachers (both stubborn and nice), carrying a back pack, wearing flats-converse-or wellies, reading in a matatu, sitting on a sambaza (which is a small wooden plank set on two seats to create an extra seat for a paying passenger).

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