It is not in my place to breathe life into you my love. Oh, how I wish I could!
I would look into your eyes and say, “breathe,” and watch you come alive as swiftly as the eagle soars in the sky.
You my love are life.
So, live!
The only thing I ask is that you smile even when you see me wither away. For we know that I would never cease loving you even as I draw my last breath.
Do you remember the first time we met? You stepped on my toe as you tried to back up from the raindrops that were being blown your way. It was the most crowded I have ever seen that bus stop!
You asked for my name and we had coffee right after it stopped raining.
Remember the day you met my parents?
I never heard a man stammer that much! It’s still the most favorite memory I have of you! And our love? Remember all of it.
Remember the bills we paid, the nights where we were so tired to even talk to each other and most of all the kids…

All I ask of you is to breathe, and if it shall be too hard for you, I will ask the angels to take my last breath and fill your lungs with it, for I love you, just you and only you.

Picture courtesy of: Flickr

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