Lessons learned this week.

I  wanted to write something, and I started doing so- on Monday: I  traveled to one school miles away from home.  I waited for two hours for the meeting to start,  and it did so two and a half hours later.  They offered me a soda,  but I had to ask,  “do you have strong tea, see,  I do not take soda.”
The teacher looked at me from the afro on my head to the Bata Sundrops on my feet and said,” No wonder you are so skinny.”
I smiled and looked down.
Sometimes it hurts when someone scrunches up their nose or gives you a stare down and says you are skinny, as though it is a crime to be so.
I gained an ounce of patience that day.

When Tuesday came,  I  found myself on a motorbike along a dusty road for thirty minutes. I  alighted with brown hair,  eye brows and a different shade of color of trousers. I learned that my sister is wise.  Never leave the house without two types of tissue: wet tissue and dry tissue!

On Wednesday,  I found  myself dreaming of the weekend. I  had to sleep or get more than eight hours of rest because my eyelids were too heavy to focus at work. I was asked to  drink a soda and eat biscuits and I  politely declined after explaining why I  do not take soda. If there is one word reason that most people understand and accept when it comes to not drinking soda,  it’s got to be- cavities
I found myself out our doorstep,  hungry,  exhausted and in need of a good night’s sleep. My friend asked,  “why are you so busy?”
I  asked her,  “have you ever scheduled  meetings with people and had them show up an hour late?”
She said, “Sure,  it happens all the time at public hospitals,  sometimes you never get to see the  doctor after waiting for half a day!”
I learned that  I  have a jar of patience,  and ounce of understanding as I climbed into bed in my jeans.

On Thursday morning I learned that sleeping in jeans is the most uncomfortable thing ever! Next time,  I am taking them off!
I  had a cup of black coffee and went to work.
My stomach started rumbling an hour after I  left the house.  I had to buy a banana to fill it up, but I  ended up feeling so constipated to move. I walked for half an hour to get to the  school that day and learned that  I  am as light as a feather. (Well,  someone told me so)

And today? Well,  today is a Friday.
I  did some writing.
I  learned that concluding a week is not as important as how you conclude it. So,  I  treated myself to three cups of coffee,  cleaned the house,  did some  laundry,  worked on my reports,  made supper and sat down to tell you all about it.
So,  I  will share another picture grid that summarizes my week.


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