You can say “No” and move on.

Saying “no” can be the hardest thing to do just as saying “yes” can be the easiest at times.
I do not know what I did right there (with that opening sentence) but it’s been a long day.
Work took longer than I had hoped but the greatest challenge had to be working with a lady who made it seem like she had no time for me.

How do you talk to or reach out to someone who wants nothing to do with you?

Well, I learned today that you sit and wait to be noticed.
Yes, you sit and wait (for hours)

So,  there I was in this woman’s office waiting for her to stop talking to another woman about the choir collections and ten o’clock tea. She turned to me scrunched up her nose in the air and asked,  “what do you want?”
I  thought,  “some courtesy,” but said “twenty minutes of your time,” and I went on to tell her why and then she nodded and I got on with my work. As I sat there all I could think of was something my sister once told me. She said,  “no one’s better than you for as long as they answer to someone else.”

The woman provided me with the documents I needed not because I was patient but because she learned that I had a famous grandfather who was the founding partner of that school,  but also because I was sent to her by her boss and as such  she had to do as expected of her or face the wrath of her boss.

As I was leaving,  I looked back at her and wondered how approachable she was to other people and why she did not want to attend to me when all I was doing was my job and not hers. But, what I learned was that it hurts when you’re belittled or ignored while working to improve or change the status quo.
I also learned that saying “no,” is better than ignoring someone or a task that you do not want.

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