Why it’s good to challenge yourself…and complete stuff on that to do list.

I shared a list sometime back, do you remember?

I can cross out numbers 5, 6, and 10! As for number one, am currently on it- got to page 15 of “The Help.” However, I found out something about making lists…you are tempted to complete them. If you manage to complete one task, you find yourself gearing up to complete another, bu on the extreme end…if that list is as long as the twelve labors of Hercules- then you find yourself quitting before you even start!

I had to get them done over this weekend, and I realized that walking downstairs with my hands in my pockets is uncomfortable and very dull. I felt like I was off balance and after making it down one floor- I released my hands and swung them as much as I wanted.

Number 6 was the easiest because I had a very busy schedule at work on Friday so much so that I made it thorugh the day without listening to Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

Number 10: walking around the house backwards for one hour.

Let’s just say that I have bruises that I did not anticipate like my toes hurting and my left elbow making me kneel over in agony! My sister, Jackie, laughed so much that she almost poured all the contents of her cup- and the dog barked so much that it was a circus for that one hour! It was also refreshing to know that I have not mapped out the house like I thought I had.

It’s been a lovely weekend and I have started this week with writing prompts and reports- and determination to complete that list!

PS: This girl is writing book three of The Currents Series titled, Wind, and has been going around the house like a zombie.

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