Speaking of-The Penthouse Prince by Virginia Nelson

I love a good romance story.
Nothing eats me up like a fake arrangement that spins out of control and that’s exactly what happened in Virginia Nelson’s “The Penthouse Prince.”


Most romance novels are predictable: people meet, some drama takes place and in the end there’s a resolution which leads to a happy ending, kissing, love making and lots of ” I love you,” phrases- the end!
But with this there was chemistry between the leads: Camden is the rich boss who doesn’t do love, only business while Jeanie is the one hoping to provide for 5 year old Kaycee.

It starts out with Camden pushing Jeanie to sign a contract stating the terms of their fake engagement so he can get to buy out his dad’s shares and own the company he runs. He has a friend, Lowe, and Father who see right through his facade but they have no clue as to what he’ll do and whether he will succeed.

So,  the whole damsel in distress thing did not go down so well with me.  Why does the guy get to be rich and in control while the girl needs saving?
But, Virginia  tried to make it up to me since she showed that Camden had money, control, power but nothing as close as the comfort and peace of mind that Jeanie could offer. Not bad, but I  still wish she was the billionaire while he was the man in distress!

Okay, so here’s what I liked about this book (that made me eat it up like cake) : the sequence of events is spot on. There’s no rush, just the right pace throughout the story that builds up to the climax anyone  who loves romance would die for!
I could talk about the cover,  or go on about the characters or even babble about the plot,  but all that would not hit the target as much as the sequence of events. Nothing felt out of place in the story, and each scene laid the foundation for the next one and that’s what struck me while reading this book.

You can check out Virginia’s page here for the links to this book. You’ll love it☺

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