Wind: Book Three of the Currents Series

Writing a series is the best way to test your determination, discipline and focus as a writer. You write the first book and as you release it, your mind is on the second and the third…and sometimes there’s always doubt knocking on your door trying to convince you that you’ll never make it.

The greatest challenge has to be consistency and also retaining your reader’s attention, and trust me when I say that’s hard to do especially if it takes you a long time to release the next book. Why?

Well, hundreds if not thousands of books are published daily. If your reader gets bored they could always look for something else to read. If they find something and love it, they can easily forget your work.

So, that said: I am working on Wind which is the third book in the Currents Series. I am constantly learning as much as I can about the experience of those who have read the first two books- Fire and Water, and it’s much appreciated.

I have to admit that it’s taking me sometime to write this book because two characters are introduced to the story and weaving their background and seeing them fit in the story is what I’d like to perfect, but until then here’s a sneak peak at the introduction and the cover preview. I’d love to know what you think, help a writer out.

When the wind blows, even the strongest of trees sways.
He felt it while he was at the training grounds.
The people who witnessed it said they had never known the wind to have such anger that it brought down branches of the strongest trees to fall on their roofs.
When he felt the wind on his face, he put down his shield and ran right into it.
The people who saw him wondered why he would do such a thing, but he knew where he was going.

He was Wema.
He was going home, back to Leo.


One thought on “Wind: Book Three of the Currents Series

  1. Reblogged this on cherylokeyo and commented:
    The sneak peek into wind has me screaming (publish it already). I literally can’t wait. You failed to mention the pressure from your loyal fans is enough to throw you into hibernation.


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