Ghana: The African Country I’d love to Visit.

This is day two of the focus on Africa.
And as #AfricaWeek  continues I would have to say that the one country I would love to visit is Ghana.

Here’s why:

The Ashanti Kingdom is first because I love the history of most African countries, especially where kingdoms are concerned. (Haven’t you heard me go on about The Currents Series?)
Kumasi not just the region only but I would love to go to their market


Third,  has to be their fashion and culture as evident in the Kente clothing. I love the Swahili kanga and the vibrant colors and sayings printed on them but the Kente is so bright and part of the Ghanaian culture because even their leaders wear it during functions and I would love me some.



I would not end this without talking about the food. So, I would definitely try some stew and yam.

There you have it. Yesterday was about my favorite books by African Writers, and  today it’s about the African Country I’d love to visit.

Which African Country would you love to visit?

Note: All the pictures in this post are courtesy of Google Images.

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