Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff Jones

How many characters would cost you your job on Twitter?

Better yet, have you ever wondered what kind of trouble an errant tweet would get you? Peter, a news Editor at NPL, discovered just how much in Cliff Jones’ book, Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land.


There’s a lot to like and laugh about in this fast paced book.

First, there’s the change in technology with the digital era advancing communication and changing who tells the story and how it’s told that’s smart and comical in how Peter looks at it. He is thirty nine years old and divorced, but he is also known for not holding his tongue or rolling it back in his mouth when he needs to which is quite funny and disastrous for an Editor.

Second, there’s the dramatic turn of events that start once he travels to Afghanistan in search of a story that brings to light this humane and reflective side of Peter that you cannot help but admire.

Without revealing too much, the dialogues are my favorite part of the book because they vary in length and each character has their own style of speech. Some you notice say too much, others say one or two words and it reminds you of the various tones and situations that influence the dialogues we have in reality.

However, I can only hope that this is not the last I’d read of Peter.

It’s only 294 pages, you can buy the book on: Amazon

Read more about it by visiting the blog

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