The Color of a Broken Heart: Green

“So, this girl is something!”
“You’ve said that since I got back from work dude, what is it with her? I know you Gabriel, everything seems like a dream to you until you are called to commit then you run. So, first things first- what’s her name and favorite drink?”
“Mercy and she loves Smirnoff Black Ice.”
“All chicks in Nai love that stuff. I thought you were looking for a Tequila kind of chick to keep your heart racing.”
“Shut up Michael. Mercy is like breathing you know- talking of which, I need to take her to a good hotel this weekend- so any cool places you know?”
“Sarova, Hilton, Laico Regency.”
“Eish! Are you trying to kill me? You know my salo cannot buy a plate in those places. Give me something I can work with.”
“I’ll let you know, so does she know you smoke and all?”
“Well, that is another story for another day. It’s not like we are getting married.”
“So, does she know you want to have fun?”
“Bless you Brother Michael, when was the last time you actually dated a girl?”
“Last week.”
“And how long did that relationship last?”
“Ten hours.”
“Thank you!”

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