The pain that is revising a manuscript with an Editor.

Revising a book you’ve written is tough.

It’s frustrating especially when you have an Editor who is keen on questioning not every word but every scene and character as though you were in some CSI show trying to solve a murder! I am frustrated. However,other Writers have been through this and working with an Editor is like seeing your work in a new way. You hate it and love it at the same time but most of the time you are definitely choking your Editor in your head.

Looking back at book two in the Currents Series, I came across some bits of dialogue that reminded me of why I was writing this series.

Pepper is pepper no matter how much you overcook it.

He is like a dog, just like you say, but the dog is the only beast that you will pelt with stones but it will never leave you. His acts resemble madness but remember that the man who is mad is not so without a reason.

The river is never in a hurry to get to the lake, but when it rains, it flows and takes everything to the bottom of the lake with it.

The one who has crossed the river knows where to step

Ai, it is a curse my boy. i use my tongue but the people who witness its use never have ears.

I have given myself one week to complete the revision of book three which is titled Wind and get started on the final book called Earth- and then after that…well, who knows a lot can happen in between Earth and my next writing project.

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