Power of The Fae (The Mirrored Prophecy #1)

51pD2PqbrkL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I am grateful to Ariel Marie, the author of The Mirrored Prophecy, for granting my request and allowing me to read her books.

The Power of the Fae, marks the revelation of a prophecy that the Ancients spoke of. One version said that a small female of mixed heritage would give birth to a child who would save mankind, while the other version said that this child would be the downfall or demise of mankind.

The story begins with disappearances of mythical creatures and various leaders start to suspect that something evil is happening. Things get worse when they learn that those who disappear are taken by demons- and that would mean only one thing, Melomouzor, the King of the Underworld is up to something.

Princess Arlina, or Lina as her friends and family call her, is sent on a mission to the human realm to look into this and she is to work alongside the Wolf Pack of Colin Mackenzie, who some reason could not stop growling or gunning for a fight in this book! The two, Colin and Lina are drawn to each other. Before they even make sense of what is happening in the realms, demons attack them and in the process, one of them tells Lina that their King wants her. The rest of the book follows their journey towards protecting and ensuring that the demon King does not harm Lina.

However, I was both intrigued and held back by some things in this book and I’ll start with intrigue…

Lina is strong and she struggles to prove that in every scene in this book. Her older brother, Keegan, knows she is a Guardian but he is overprotective and there’s a constant battle between them. When the demon King’s intentions towards Lina are known, everyone suffocates her towards inactivity under the guise of protecting her- and this got on my nerves!

I love heroines who kick-ass!

On the other hand, there were so many times that I found myself telling Colin to “chill!” I know he’s a wolf and an Alpha and his instincts tell him that Lina is his mate- but he growled more than he killed demons.

Aside from the backstories in most chapters, I did find Lina’s determination encouraging. She is small and everyone expects her to wear dresses and sit while they run around protecting her, but she gets out and fights just as much as the guys. She is bold. I mean, would you approach an Alpha at two in the morning to ask if he is drawn to you?

All in all, I’m glad to have been introduced to Lina and Colin’s world, I wonder whether they’ll defeat that demon King…

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