Fight for the Fae (The Mirrored Prophecy #2)

514hT7cq45L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I was glad to be picked for an honest review of this book. After reading the first book, Power of the Fae, I was eager to know what would happen to Lina and if they’d manage to defeat the demon King.

Well, this book did not fail- though I’d admit it was shorter than the first one, I found it more interesting because the action is not drawn out- rather it is quick and you’re onto the next scene- which is in pace with the story. No one but the demon King wants to rule the world- and everyone is in a rush doing what they can to stop him.

So, the story starts with Lina this time. She decides to give herself to the demon King in exchange for her brother, Keegan. As Melomouzor prepares to celebrate her presence and claim her, Lina discovers that she is pregnant with Colin’s child.

Now, wait…say what now?

Yes, Lina is pregnant but she is in the underworld and Colin is going mad growling and snapping at everyone in the human realm and has no idea of this new revelation. Besides, there’s also Malia (one of the wolves) who cannot wait to sink her claws into his fur and make him hers.

While in the underworld, Lina gets her guards and maiden to do as she bids and together they start a revolution against Melomouzor, but at what cost?

I did not have many expectations with the first book- except not to be bored to death! But with this one I had a list.

  1. Everyone had to get off Lina’s case
  2. Keegan had to open his eyes and step back and let Lina morph into a woman.
  3. Lina’s Father had to make quite an appearance in at least four chapters. He’s her Father and he’s the only one who can silence Keegan, he’d better show that boy of his!
  4. Colin had better stop growling and claim Lina already if that would stop him from trying to kill any man who touched her.
  5. Please, some more of Dorian…I can never have enough of vampires.
  6. Melomouzor has to be defeated.
  7. No more backstories.
  8. Please, someone tell Malia to make an honest move on Colin or just to back off!
  9. Lots of action.

Let’s just say that I was disappointed that numero quatro did not follow through! I cannot wait to read the third book, things just keep getting better and I’m beginning to like this demon King- he doesn’t break or lose easily.


Power of the Fae on Amazon : Kindle $4.99

Fight for the Fae on Amazon: Kindle $6.99

The author, Ariel Marie is on twitter as @the_arielmarie and her website is

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