Lessons in Leadership

I have been taking some Leadership lessons this past week.

These lessons are set to change the way young people view their role in their families, community and country. It started with seeking a mentor, and engaging in life lessons with the mentor. I sought a Professor who helped me especially with editing Wind and our journey has had its moments. So, towards the end of the first phase of this Leadership Programme, we were told to live by some principles. They were written in email and each person got a different principle that their mentor felt they needed to work on.

I am known to be impatient, well, not most of the times- but when I have to queue, or when someone keeps on talking about the same thing and most of all when someone uses the term “basically” thrice in a presentation.

So, it’s safe to say that I deserved this principle:

Don’t interrupt people; don’t dismiss their concerns easily and do not rush to give advice, while at it do not be quick to change the subject when you are either bored or restless. Allow people their moment.

So, I have this week to work on this and see how it goes, given the fact that I am visiting the Immigration Offices today, let’s just say that I can start working on this from tomorrow, right?

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