The quest for Madondo in Homabay

The last time I talked to you I was in Homabay taking a stroll along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Well,have you tried scouting for madondo also known as chapati and beans in Homabay past ten o’clock in the morning?
Let me save you the struggle,  you won’t find any.

Madondo is served in hotels for breakfast but after ten o’clock it’s off the menu! This was news to us. We went in every hotel asking if they had chapati and beans and kept getting the same answer “no. In one hotel we asked, and the lady said” aki chapo maharagwe tunatengeneza tu asubuhi sababu watu wa boda ndio wanakula. ”
At long last we settled for tea and chapati at a place called Mellah Restaurant.

So we left Homabay town at eleven for Migori town and I had to endure insults from three touts for declining to board the” chopper” they had. I have a good memory when it comes to matatus. I had boarded one of the same vehicles and the tout refused to give me my change and I had to stand by the stage and watch the vehicle speed off. I could not board it today, and as they insulted me for dismissing their plea they reminded me loudly enough that I had no vehicle to call my own.

We boarded another matatu and now we are in Migori. We checked into this great Lodge with beautiful rooms and the landscaping is good too.




We had lunch,  but sadly there is no chapati and beans here too so I will settle for Ugali and Osuga.

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