The things a girl can do to you.

I walked to the bus stop at 3pm last Friday.
It was still sunny when I turned down three matatus  simply because I did not see myself sitting on a sambaza or squeezing between people to get home after successfully ditching work for my ATM.
So,there I was contemplating boarding Wizzy when this girl brushed past me so lightly that I took in the fresh air that graced her every move.
Wizzy had to wait.

If you’ve heard people talk of how much they love rides, then it is safe to say that I am loyal to certain matatus.
I do not own a car, but I pledge my loyalty to a matatus based on the seats- how spacious they are, the touts – how sober and kind they are and the icing on the cake (like those premier league commentators say) the music! If I like the music, I will alight smiling. I am loyal to Wizzy but when that living breeze swept me off my senses I took a step back and smiled at her.

She smiled back.
You see some of these chicks out here frown or sneer when you meet their eyes and smile. It’s like your face is a nuisance but there’s is fake. You smile at their made up face and they sneer at your original all time face, these chicks!
So I decided to try my luck and talk to her.

When I said hello and she responded, I told her she was beautiful and that I loved her shoes.
I am a flats kinda dude. No, I am not short. I think women look good in flats and that’s when they have their most natural walk. Heels make some  stagger or walk like they are creeping. Kwanza akinunua zile za Ngara zenye bei imeshuka sababu ya kanjo kuleta noma.
I told her she was beautiful and I loved her shoes.
She threw her head back and laughed saying something like “aki thanks,” as she stepped closer to me.

“I’m Mark by the way.”
“Yes,like for real, I don’t know what my parents were thinking but I even have a sister called Raquel, like aki don’t judge or call me simon ati fifty cent, am so over that! ”
” Sawa, but it’s a beautiful name.”
“Everything is beautiful to you is that the only word you know?”
“For now it’s all I can say, would you like to hang out some time, and not just here at the bus stop waiting for a mat, I could call or text you some time. ”

She gave me her number and I dialled it and she saved it as Mark and I saw her get into a matatu before I opted for the next one.
I got home and called up the guys we had plans that involved getting wasted till Sunday.
I called Simone at 6pm.

She did not answer.
I tried the second time and I immediately said “hi beautiful.”
I heard a sharp intake of breath before the words “young man, who are you?”  Her Dad.

I put my phone on airplane mode and I have been mteja since then.

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