Updates on the writing life, and other stuff.

It’s the NanoWrimo month and there’s a lot of writing going on in different parts of the world, except in my world!

I have been on  the road for a while and cannot seem to settle down and get my thoughts on a piece of paper, and it’s starting to frustrate if not really scare me.

So, today on my way to town, I decided to stop by a cobbler and ask him to fix a pair of heels that I’d love to wear to a meeting this Friday and the man was talking to his friend about the importance of reading quality writing. As I sat down to wait for him to fix my shoes, I found myself feigning interest in their conversation. His problem was that his friend was reading The Nairobian instead of reading The Standard Newspaper or The Daily Nation. He told his friend that The Nairobian was for women who had nothing but time to gossip and read slander, and he was a man- he was supposed to read things that should concern him not go on wondering or gasping at how much someone spent on their birthday or the prominent man who was caught sleeping with a pastor’s wife.

I almost joined the conversation in support of the man, but their banter got to a whole new level when a cook and a tailor voiced their opinions.

The cook, was a young man in a dusty green apron and black gumboots whom I had passed as I was making my way to the cobbler. He held that anyone could read whatever pleased them, and even God knew that not everyone could handle the serious stuff that’s why the book of Revelations comes at the end of the Bible.

The tailor admonished him for quoting the Bible, but said that she was a woman and she couldn’t stand The Nairobian, and her concern was “who had the time to spread all this rubbish about people?” She went on to say that she would rather buy sukumawiki for her family that spend her hard earned money on gossip!

They went on for a while until the cobbler handed me back my repaired heels and I paid him his due. Their conversation stayed with me for a while because I could easily jot down what they said, but cannot sit still for half an hour continue working on my series.

My Mentor said that it happens to everyone and no one loves to say goodbye, but I know that The Currents Series has to come to an end, so I can focus on other stories.

I just need to pull myself together and get it done, and I know I have to…so that’s what’s up with my writing life, as for my other adventurous life…Supercosmetics opened a new shop in Kisumu…and I couldn’t resist the urge to get some of my favorite body products plus two new sticks of lipstick which I’ll probably never wear that much…

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