Oh, Walter, what did you do?

Walter arrived at Maureen’s place to find that she had gone out.

He called her and after two rings she answered, her voice barely audible on the other end. She was coming. He had to wait for like three minutes.

He set the boxes of donuts and kaimati on the step outside her bedsitter and pulled out a cigarette. It was eleven o’clock.

At half past eleven, Maureen came dragging her feet bearing the longest lasting grin he had ever seen on her face. He stood and took a step back inhaling the whiff of cheap liquor on her.

“You couldn’t even buy PK? Ama Fresh?”

“Shut up! I was at this cool party in the next court. Free booze and nyam chom! Hebu get my keys from my bag because I swear I think my fingers have tripled in size, aren’t they just fat?”

“You can drink the whole of EABL but your speech can never be slurred, I don’t know how you do it. So, who invited you to this free cheap booze party you went to?”

“Eish! Wacha kucatch feelings, you are not my boyfie.”

“Good! Come in, and have a seat, or maybe just go to bed. I will deliver these to the houses, just give me that list and I will get right on it.”

“Check on the stool, next to that stove in the kitchen.”

“You put a client list next to the stove?”

“It’s on the wall! And go away, I don’t need you judging me and acting like some god, when you are as nasty and the chairman of team mafisi here in Nai! Just go.”


“Don’t Walter. Just take a picture of that list or pull it off the wall, whatever, and leave.”

“Thanks Love.”

“Yeah, whatever!”

He took three pictures careful to zoom in as much as he could to get all the names and their pastry of choice before he left. It was noon and he had to make it to town for his date with Ruth.

Maureen stood as soon as she heard Walter shut the door behind him. She looked at the kitchen and smiled. There were these feelings that she’d summoned and kept locked in her heart when she started working as Walter’s partner. She could look forward to seeing him every Saturday morning with his boxes of pastries smiling at her, but today was different. He was going to see Miss Boss.

That girl had better treat Walter right, or else her friends could make her not drive that posh car of hers again. It was almost one when she got into the shower and took in the cold water as it merged with her tears giving her the warmth she needed.


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