Walk with Me

Writing a letter is breathing the crisp cold air in the morning when my feet hit the cold cemented floor.

I must have been a Scribe in my previous life, or an old soul, or just a soul who gets what it means to bleed on a piece of paper and seal it then send it. So, here’s what my heart says, I will walk with you to the end of the world for you chose to let me walk away knowing I would be back. You would see me pack my bags and hit every town in this country knowing I would be back.

It is the fact that you stood and waited that makes writing this the easiest and most frustrating task ever. It is easy because I know what I want to say. It is frustrating because I desire a tug of war to exist within me when it comes to you. I need the should I or should I not feeling and it’s been a year and it is not coming forth, so I give up! I will end this year on a high unless God help us, you decide to do something stupid like forward me a whatsapp message telling me to send a paragraph to ten people to receive God’s blessing.

Or you decide to call me past 10 pm. Or you decide to stare at another girl like she is a delicious piece of cake on your plate. Or worse off show up late to a date. Or you call me ‘wifey,’ or ‘babe,’ or ‘honey.’ I’m just saying. You have been politely cautioned.

So, walk with me and do not hesitate to stop once in a while to watch how my feet leave a print on the ground or how the wind ruffles up my sweater and blows dry leaves on my face.

Walk even when you feel like I am leaving you behind and you are struggling to catch up. Walk when you seem uncertain of yourself because no matter where you step I’ll always be there, not just to help or comfort you but to most definitely laugh when you slip…at least once in a while.


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