Earth: Book Four Currents Series

The story of Prince Ustawi began with the desire for a legacy and it burned like Fire.

The one who crossed the river daily marveled at the strength and determination of water, for it made its way across the strongest rocks and with time it became nothing but the earth beneath the river.

Ustawi came as a gift wrapped up in a vision that kept his uncle awake every night. He was born after three daughters: Amani (Peace), Amina and Alipo (The one who is present)

As the years went by even the tree could not tell when it would fall, but the wind swayed and even the strongest of trees swayed.

And so:

A boy was born in Leo

He grew up in Leo

He was banished from his own land by his Father, and now…he wants what belongs to him.

He is coming for his throne and no one…not even the gods, The Mighty Mie would stop him.

Earth is the final book in the Currents Series. So, how do I feel about it?

I am not okay.

I have been working on this series since last year and to have gotten to this point seems more like a milestone to me regarding my writing. I have always been one to write about romance and to have ventured into literary fiction and folk tales was never in my mind. So, I started with Fire and let it take me deep into a land where I met an intelligent drunk, a brave daughter, a tormented Seer, a loyal Warrior and most of all- people full of love and understanding of how a society should be.

I still have a long way to go before I release Earth– but one thing is certain, I am giving this my all because the curtain closes on the Land of Leo with this book. So, if you have been following the story of this young Prince and cannot wait to know what he makes of his life, then you will wait for a while as I let him lead me into his world.

Until then,

Grab a gourd of royal wine from the land of Leo by visiting The Currents Series page on this blog. I hope Ulioko entertains you 🙂



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