A personal recap of 2015

It is 26 days to the end of this year. I have had quite the year of my life and consider this one of those posts that reveal just how far off I was on my resolutions. These are the 26 highlights of my absolutely epic life!

  1. I registered a domain and went from wordpress.com to nilichoandika.co.ke
  2. Got serious about the writing and published 3 books in the Currents Series : Fire, Water & Wind
  3. Reached out to my friends, and I’d say I have attended more weddings this year than I did in the previous three!
  4. Talking of weddings, I’m still single and my aunts have stopped looking at that clock they consider when they say “time is running out on me.”
  5. Deleted my Whatsapp account: Give tired of those groups, with endless streams of messages that I couldn’t keep up with. Got tired of the chain messages promising me a miracle if I send them to the next ten people and the videos that ate up all my internet bundles!
  6. Started working on the implementation of a Teens Organization that I have been talking of for two years: Teens for Teens-Kenya
  7. Failed to buy a red pair of heels. I got a sexy pair but the joy of buying books had me looking the other way.
  8. Turned down two proposals, lost a good friend and still don’t know what is going on between me and the other one-it’s complicated.
  9. I read The Complete Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey and then…Grey. #smh
  10. Lost 5kgs in four weeks, was so sick I had to check into a hospital only to have the doctor tell me that the drastic weight loss shook me up! I have since gained it!
  11. Taught the Sunday School kids at our church for a while before work took me out of town.
  12. Bought a camping bag, and now I am all set for a life on the road: 3 white tee shirts, two pairs of jeans, a pair of boots, a pair of ngomas and 1 litre water bottle!
  13. Took the 21-Day challenge: Did squats for ten days and then I stopped! Successfully did the 25 second plank…that’s it, I cannot go beyond 25 seconds.
  14. Completed my 2015 Goodreads Challenge: Read 180 books this year 🙂
  15. Embraced my love for hair color: had purple, red, maroon and bronze braids this year- and dyed the hair medium brown!
  16. Was invited to three schools as a motivational speaker to encourage this year’s KCPE candidates.
  17. Started writing for Jabulani.
  18. Visited Java (as often as my love and need for coffee arose)
  19. Lost my Great Grandmother, and it reminded me of how much I still grieve for my Dad eighteen years on.
  20. Discovered my love for BDSM novels…I’m not really into Kink, but something about reading those books just makes my day…and thank heavens for Kindle!
  21. Developed a love for Photography
  22. I did the Hotline Bling dance…#thankyouDrake
  23. Fell in love with the TV Shows: Scorpion and Mr Robot (I am a sucker for geniuses with messed up lives!)
  24. Got so invested in watching Hannibal that whenever I visit hotels and watch people eat meat- and reach for their glass of wine, I cannot help but see Dr. Lecter staring at his guests as they eat someone’s tongue!
  25. Set “Sorry” by Justin Bieber as my ringtone! I know this has got to the most eye-rolling thing I have done, but that song is stuck in my system- and yes, I’m old but I love his songs!
  26. Avocado! Yes, that fruit goes with everything! I put it on bread, in my sukumawiki, I eat it for lunch, I just eat that stuff-like seriously, what a way to end this list…

There’s more, but all in good time.

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