A Crazy Day

A crazy day starts in the morning.

It starts with that alarm clock under your pillow that cannot seem to understand how close your relationship to your duvet is. It goes on, chirping or worse off hooting- oh, better yet it annoys every single nerve of patience in your body with that siren knowing you cannot throw it because it’s also your phone- and you looove your phone.

You love the ringtone.

You love to scroll down that thingy up there and connect your mobile data to check Facebook notifications, answer Whatsapp messages and check out how many likes you got for that picture you posted on Instagram.

A crazy day does not just start like that, but it continues when you finally swing your feet off the bed and they land on the cold tiled floor sending the fastest message to your brain that it’s time to get moving. You do not bother to look for your slippers, one side is by the door and the other is somewhere under that bed.

You brush your teeth as you turn on the heater and then take off your clothes like you are shredding off that unwanted skin- and get under the shower. The water is warm. You lather the soap and start scrubbing your body and then suddenly the lights flicker. You shrug it off and they flicker again. You hear two prolonged beeps that is KENYA POWER telling you that you have run out units-and your fully lathered back gets the sting of the century with cold water.

You scream!

No, you really scream…but the water keeps running and you cannot leave the bathroom with soap all over your body so you grit your teeth and utter all the insults you can hoping that Kenya Power listens to you then you get out, dry yourself and get dressed.

There’s no time to spread the bed.

You prepare that cup of coffee but it’s too hot and you cannot drink it, so you look at the time it’s 6:15am! You rush out of the house, and jump into the first matatu you come across at the bus stop heading to town.

You are halfway into your journey and there’s traffic- you know things got real when the driver shut down the engine- stepped out and lit a cigarette while chatting with other drivers and touts.

You cannot walk to town or so help you God you’d collapse. You are stuck looking at the time. It is 7:10am. You are supposed to be behind that small wooden desk of yours at 7:30am. You sit back and release that breath you have been holding because it seems as though you are the only one who is in a hurry- everyone else is listening to music or reading the newspaper- it’s just another day in Nairobi.

You manage to endure the traffic and get to work at 8:15am. You know you are in trouble when you look at your desktop and see a stick note saying “Board Meeting, Con-Room 8. Report.”

You look at the time and go through your bag for that report. You empty that bag and then look at it and realize, it’s the blue bag! You had the grey bag yesterday.

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