The Restaurant

Walter cleaned the windows and watered the plants at The Restaurant that morning. He had received confirmation from Equity Bank regarding his request for a loan. They had even offered to have him attend a workshop on Friday on Financial Management and essentially Book Keeping.

He’d called his Mother to tell her the good news and she had gone on her long prayer sessions forgetting that his airtime was limited to subscriber rates. The line went dead just when she got to the “God bless my Sons…” part, and he really wanted to hear the “even though their Father was a reckless man, what, talk of drinking and sleeping wherever, please save my sons from the devil that is Kenya Breweries.”

They knew her prayer by heart.

He’d heard it more than his siblings because he was the one who looked like their Father and even scrunched his face like the man. He was also the one who hated him the most.

He returned to the store room to find Maureen waiting for him.

“So, how did your date go? You never said.”

“It was okay.”

“Nimekataa hiyo! Hutaniosha na maji chafu nikiwa hapa, tell me, what happened because it’s been a week and I have not seen that woman walk through those doors, na vile wanatip poa, hebu sema kabla sijakuharibia jina!”

“Are you threatening me just for a story?”

“Hapana! Sababu ya Telemundo, kwani? So, what happened?”

“The date was good, we talked, had milkshakes and then that was it.”

“So, how is your mom doing?”

“My mom is much better, thanks for asking.”

“Ehe! So, was she really sick ama you were just pulling a ‘woiye!’ stunt?”

“You ask too many questions and why are you inside the store room? This place stinks and it’s dump! You might catch a cold or worse off get bitten by a spider.”

“I’m watching you Walter, you are up to something because you have never been this quiet…I can feel it, you are doing something big.”

Walter looked at Maureen with the corners of his lips twitching, in readiness for a smile or full blown laugh, but he composed himself as he watched her walk out of the store room whistling. He could not tell her about his business.


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