New Year, Old Goals, New Goals.

Happy New Leap Year.

It’s good to be able to sit down on the floor and just catch up with you or better yet update you on the writing life.

So, has anyone asked you about your new year’s resolutions? What would you like to achieve this year and how much are you willing to do to attain that feeling of success?

I’m not so sure about making any resolutions because as of last year I learned that I easily commit but struggle to follow through on my commitments. What astounds me the most is that it only applies to my personal and social life but not my writing. I achieved my writing goal and surpassed it by some record sales of my books, but beyond that everything else that I promised I would do, I didn’t.

It’s  a new year, we have now 365 days left and right now all I can think of simply sitting here listening to Fool’s Gold by One Direction and hoping to get  a second cup of coffee as I read Before I Forget by Andre Brink. I was emotionally wounded to learn that he’d passed on last year in February because I love his prose, it’s like listening to a confession without the tears but just nostalgia.

How’s your new year?
What are your writing goals? If you don’t mind sharing a link to your blog or site, please do as a comment, I would love to read your writing, or recipes (am cooking more so new recipes would be awesome).

2 thoughts on “New Year, Old Goals, New Goals.

  1. I tend to not make any new year goals, but I did make a goal some time last year to complete the first draft of my book by September 2016, so that is the major writing goal I do have. I hope to keep my blog activity going for the whole of 2016…so I do have two writing goals. Give my blog page a visit. I do have some recipes. my favourite being the beetroot chapatis.
    Happy new year.


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