Believing in yourself and other stories

I woke up ten minutes to six in the morning today. I knew I had to wake up, not because the lights were on but because it’s my sister’s birthday.
Growing up our birthdays constituted of great birthday cards and the chance to have Mom prepare you a special dish. We never had much and we never had parties. I remember that we stopped receiving Christmas gifts the year our Dad died. I was nine then.
However, Mom never stopped making us delicious meals on our birthdays.
So, there I was mumbling to my sister “Happy birthday” and wishing I was not so broke  to get her something good, but all in good time.

So, what has she taught me all these years:
1. Black is not the only color I can wear.
2. T-shirts and jeans are comfortable but a dress, some flats or a skirt can serve to show my curves once in a while and definitely my legs.
3. You can never go wrong with good perfume.
4. Read and work hard for what you want in life. Earn your sweat, don’t wait for a man to treat you right.
5. What does your Mother want? No, tell her am not yet home, I can talk to her later, not now, am beat!
6. You can make chapatis in twenty minutes! Watch and learn.
7. Keep writing.
8. If you are hired to do a job, do a damn good job because you’re replaceable.
9. Google is your friend.
10. Live a little.

If there’s one thing she has showed me is that  believing in myself goes a long way in getting things done. So, now am off to read and maybe get some writing done, am leaving for the road this weekend and I know number 8 of her life quotes will come in handy!

4 thoughts on “Believing in yourself and other stories

  1. I am that sister she is talking about,a bit teary right now cause half the time i think she never listens with her head buried in some book. You are just that gift i want every year,every season, though i can do with moms cooking right now.Thank you for the kind words and damn girl,you listen well.Happy Birthday to me,i just turned 30 and that a big deal,at least for me.

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  2. Amazing lessons right there. As someone who entered the ‘wearing a dress’ team recently, and now am hooked, that is one lesson I agree on totally. Amazing sisters are the best!:-)

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