Earth: Book 4 in the Currents Series

“The sun shines but it does not burn itself. It is like the rain for it has someone to fall and rise for. The sun rises and falls for the moon, whom do you rise and fall for My King?”

It’s been a wonderful journey in writing this series. What started as an idea grew into not one but three books and this morning I stared at myself in the mirror and asked why couldn’t you just write one book?
The truth is I couldn’t. Each book depicts a phase in Prince Ustawi’s life and to have it all in that book would be to overload the reader. There are books that do that to you. I did not want that.

Secondly, I had to grow in my writing and to space them out in four books was my way of achieving that.

As I take my time with Earth, I also pick up on where I lean on as a Writer and its a process that has me going back to the first book, Fire, to see how it all adds up. Every character wants something. In The Currents Series it all started with a vision and as we come to a conclusion did it come to pass or not and how have the people of Leo changed? What can we learn from them? What about monarchy and democracy and betrayal? Where does a ruler draw the line between truth and treason? How does he rule?

There is also a focus on marketing and book distribution. I was to draft a plan and email it to my Mentor, but so far I have nothing and before he calls me up to ask about it, I will sit down and come up with a working draft.

Until then, it’s more writing and editing until the book’s ready.

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