A maiden for the King

The palace guards stepped aside to let the King and his sister through. He bid his sister goodbye and watched as she was led through the palace by the maiden. They walked like sisters and this alone reminded him of his youth, after all her sister was years wiser and older than him.

He turned to his brother-in-law when he heard, “Who is she to you?”

“She is the one who stands beside me.”

“I see, so when will you make her your Queen?”

“Only time will tell. I still see her whenever I open my eyes.”

“No! You will not mourn for her because you are stronger with this maiden. I see how you look at her, you protect her with your eyes and she in turn does not want to leave your presence, surely if that is not love, then the gods must be sleeping!”

“What if I never get over the one I love?”

“You said it, only time will tell.”

“Let’s go back inside, these walls are lined with gold but if you look close enough you will see the ears and eyes too.”

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