10 Things I always carry while traveling.

I love being on the road going to new places and seeing just how different people are in terms of their beliefs, customs and modes of interaction. If getting on the road is somewhere in your to-do-list or that bucket list you’ve been saying you’ll get down to, then let me save you the hassle.
You cannot carry everything with you when you travel. First thing you learn when you are on the road is that your bed is sacred! I mean, if you could probably carry your bed with you to some places chances are you would, but whats the fun in 24/7 comfort? Nothing like a little discomfort to make you appreciate what you got going!
So, I thought why not share some of my go to stuff when traveling?


These are some of the things that I never leave for that trip without!
1. Bag: A good, comfortable traveling backpack is what you need to hold all the things you’re going to use.
2. A pair of jeans, comfy shoes (sketchers or ngomas) and lots of t-shirts. Most of the places I visit are hot, but I learned that I lean more toward white, grey and jungle green t-shirts. I steer clear of black because most parts in Kenya are hot. There is a lot you can do with clothes, depending on the weather and the terrain of the place you intend to visit, but a pair of good jean trousers and three or four t-shirts are a must have!
3. Toothbrush and toothpaste, now, if there is one thing I always pack first it has to be these, because I easily forget my toothbrush and nothing messes up a conversation like bad breath!
4. A book to read
5. My Bible for daily inspiration
6. Body lotion and some deo-spray, nothing too flowery a scent because there was this time I wore Farmasi-body splash and I was stalked by a couple of bees as I walked through a field in Seme, and the faster I walked the faster the wind helped spread that scent, but lucky enough for me, it was a field full of jasmine too, so they didn’t come after me. Since then, a simple deo-spray would do like Aris. Plus, listen scoot closer, a little closer I learned that the more flowery and longer lasting that spray is, the more you kinda stink after a day spent trekking or walking in the heat.
7. Stationery: I carry pens and some writing material and I learned that carrying catalog cards makes it easier for me to jot down things that capture my attention while on the go.
8. Water bottle: Nowadays you can get bottled water everywhere you go but having your own water bottle helps in case you go to a place like Flourspar or somewhere in the Kaptagat forest and you need some water to drink. And conservation wise, having your own water bottle helps with disposal of the ones you buy. Nothing pisses me off like people throwing plastic water or soda bottles along the road.
9. Toiletries because you always need to freshen up.
10. A camera, its always good to take some pictures of places that take your breath away! Like the moon or that hill.


However there’s one great tip: Check your health, make sure you are in good form to be traveling. You could always carry a first aid kit for emergencies. Make sure it has pain relievers and some antibiotics.

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