Waiting for the rain, or an answer

Today was one of those days that felt like a script from those Telenovelas.

I had finished braiding my hair and felt like a short trip to town to check out some new erasers and pens in supermarkets, just because I was feeling like looking at a new eraser and using a new pen.

Some people love to go out clubbing, well, I love hitting up supermarkets and bookstores just to buy stationery.

So, I walked to town and just as I walking into the first supermarket, Ukwala, see- the one that’s between Chase Bank and National Bank in Kisumu. There is a woman right outside who sells some amazing potato crisps that have the most outrageous cough inducing, tear jerking, Lord help me-pepper! I was in a white t-shirt, grey shorts and black flip flops. The only cool thing about me was my phone which was in my pocket, but aside from that I looked like someone who had just gotten out of bed and rushed to the supermarket.

But, this is where Karma had the perfect serving for me, as I walked to the stationery aisle, I bumped into an old friend/flame/friend-zone dude/complicated guy. There was a time when he believed we could be more than friends but I could not since he was just a friend to me, and we argued and I told him to just stop calling and bham! Two years later I run into him in a supermarket, when it is thirty three degrees hot and I’m in flip flops!

He smiled and leaned in for a hug.

I stepped back after the hug and asked, “Hey, it’s good to see you, how are you?”

“I am fine, and you haven’t changed, my God, Dora, umekuja tao in slippers! Yaani, you are just the same.”

“Well, I gained some weight, traveled for a while and so far all is well.”

“That’s good! So, what brings you here?”

“I came to check out some of their stationery.”

“You still write! I love that, and aki you have not changed! Maybe we could have coffee some time and catch up on stuff.”

“Um, okay, I will call you and we can work on something.”

“So, you still have my number?”

“Yes, the Safcom one, ama you changed it?”

“No, it’s still the same, but it would have been great to hear from you at some point Dora, you just went and forgot about me, who knew I’d meet you here?”

Now, ladies and gentlemen- behold the power of multiple conversations! At this point all I could think of was, ‘karma!’ Karma knew or the Universe planned this, or just being at the wrong time and place or something- but I was not prepared. See, I had set out to spend a blissful day looking for stationery and buying pens I would use to scribble notes or jot down thoughts in my journal, but meeting him was like walking into a puddle.

See, I miss him. I miss my friend, but if there is one thing that has never worked out with me is being ‘just friends’ after the guy who has been your friend for years suddenly says he loves you! So, since then I made sure to tell all the male friends in my life- get your priorities in order. If you approach me and ask to be my friend, that is all it’s going to be, so better deal with that. I mean, wouldn’t a guy know whom he’d like to have as a friend and whom he’d like to date?

I did not get the pens but opted for ice-cream instead and came back home. Sometimes we make decisions and move on thinking all is well, and sometimes these decisions come back to us like rain, you can see the clouds gather but never know when the first drop will hit the ground…it’s like waiting for an answer, yet you already had it.

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